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We'll never allow a healthy animal to be put to sleep

Rescuing animals big and small - from Glasgow to Romania and everywhere inbetween

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Who We Are and What We Do

Animal welfare is at the heart of what we do

We are an animal rescue and rehoming service based in Scotland promoting the advancement of animal welfare throughout the UK. We have built a solid reputation for transforming the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs in the UK and for also rehoming dogs in need from both here and overseas.

Canine Campus Pet Rescue and Food Bank were the first animal organisation in Scotland to be accredited with the title of 'food bank'.

This is more than just a title it's at the core of what we do - no animal should go to bed hungry. We support the local homeless and those on low incomes with pet food donations. We are also proud to work with other rescue centres to help out when asked.

Canine Campus Pet Rescue and Food Bank was born In Scotland and are located in the heart of Glasgow.

We are dedicated to helping animals in need. With the dedication of our volunteers, staff members, and partners, we strive to improve the lives of every animal who needs help within the community. Contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change.

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What We Do

Care. Love. Empower. Support.

We opened our shelter after it became apparent that there were many stray and abandoned animals living in the local area. We aim to rescue as many homeless, sick and injured animals as possible.

When we take animals into our care, we give them a thorough check-up and provide essential veterinary care if needed.

We ensure that all our animals are healthy and have been well looked after by our volunteers before they can be offered for adoption to a new home.


Excellent Animal Care

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Each animal that comes into our rescue is different. Our intake team conduct a thorough assessment of every cat and dog to ensure that they get the tailored care that they deserve until we find our rescues a new forever family.

Our volunteers are trained to handle all kinds of animals. We specialise in the rehabilitation of dogs with severe issues that most other rescues would turn away. It is our mission to protect vulnerable and unwanted pets in the UK and world-wide. Once in our care, we strive to provide these animals with a new and happy family and we go above and beyond to fulfil this mission.

We will never put a healthy animal to sleep.

Valuing Animal Welfare

Treat Others as You’d Like to Be Treated

We see ensuring animal welfare as a human responsibility and we take into account all aspects of their welfare from providing them with a suitable environment, proper nutrition, humane handling, responsible care and protecting them from pain, suffering and disease.

We're driven by our responsibility to animals not by self-serving privilege.


Animal Rehoming

Looking to the future with Fresh Starts

The animals that come into our care are assessed, understood and redirected through daily rehabilitation programmes. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our animals are ready to be rehomed in their forever homes. 

Our criteria for adoption of our animals is exacting - our duty of care revolves around the welfare of our animals. It is who we are and it directs everything that we do.

We run stringent compliance checks on potential applicants including interviewing, background checks, verifying identity and checking that the adopter's routine and environment are suitable.

We go to great lengths to find the perfect new home for the animals in our care.

Canine Campus Pet Rescue & Food Bank has saved over 500+ dogs from being put to sleep and we are proud of our high success rate of giving our animals a fresh start.

Animal Food Bank

Fighting Hunger

We were one of Scotland's first registered rescue food banks and we are proud to provide support to the whole of Scotland with emergency food supplies in the fight against pet food poverty.

We can also provide emergency pet supplies such as leads, collars, flea treatments and wormers.

If you're a registered smaller rescue we can also donate food supplies from our own stores in times of need.

On the days we are closed you can reach out to Carntyne Food Bank on a non-referred basis - they usually have food donations available all year round issued by our rescue. 

At anyone time we have over 20 pet food bins in various businesses in the Glasgow and surrounding areas. 

We aim to ensure that no pet in Scotland will go to sleep on an empty tummy.

emaciated dog.jpg

Kill Shelters

The Death Sentence on our Doorstep

Lost, stray and abandoned dogs are sent to dog pounds all over the UK where they are just kept for seven days - if no one claims them, they are quite simply, destroyed.

According to the Dog Rescue Foundation, this amounts to 20,000 dogs each year.

The conditions of the pounds varies but quite often they are outdoors with no heating and the cacophony of petrified dogs, yelping and whining through fear and misery is heart-breaking.

Whilst it is true that rescue centres are not permitted to put down healthy dogs, it has been previously exposed that this is EXACTLY what some very well known celebrity-endorsed charities do under the pretence of behavioural and temperament issues.

We NEVER put a healthy animal to sleep and rescue animals with death sentences from here to Romania.

Animal Care You Can Trust

Empowering you

As well as caring for and fostering our animals until they are adopted, we are also happy to provide support and guidance if you are having any troubles with your pet. This is to keep all pets in their forever homes and out of the shelter system.

We see all of you, our visitors and potential adopters, as our partners. If you are interested in adoption, we are happy to advise how to properly look after your chosen new friend. 


Pet Surrender

Giving Up Your Animal for Adoption

Sometimes life doesn't go to plan and we are always here to listen without judgement. Giving up your animal can be one of the toughest decisions you make but ultimately you've got to do what's right by your pet.

We have vast experience of assessing animals that come into our care getting to know all their foibles and personalities and rest assured we will do every thing we can to match the best possible home for them.

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Care. Love. Empower. Support.

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Get in touch with Canine Campus Pet Rescue & Food Bank to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.

General Enquiries Only 07564 303008 (calls charged at standard network rates)

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