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What animals do you have available for adoption?

You can find out what animals we currently have available by checking our Facebook page  or the Blog Section of our website.

I want to adopt an animal, what is the process?

Firstly, we're delighted that you are considering adopting one of our animals!

All of our adoption applications are now done by phone interview by completing an application form details of which can be found on our Facebook page.

Ok, I've got the adoption hotline number, what's next, can I got out and get dog stuff?

Slow down there, our concern is always the welfare of our animals on a long term basis!

You will be put through to a knowledgeable member of our team who will interview you and will advise you of what dogs are available, what the fees are for that dog and what type of family that dog needs.

If you successfully pass the interview, you will be added to our patiently waiting group where you can reserve the dog you have applied for. If you are not successful in that application you can stay in the group until another dog comes up that is more of an ideal match.

You will know at the end of the call if you meet our criteria to rehome a dog from our charity.

OK, I've matched, now what?

Once matched you pay your holding donation of £100 - the remainder is paid on adoption day.
Within 72 hours of matching, you will have a call to process your home check - once that has been completed, and if passed, you will be invited to meet the dog or cat and spend time with it before deciding to adopt that pet.

How are Canine Campus Pet Rescue different from other animal charities?

All of our dogs and cats are vaccinated and adults will be neutered, chipped and fully assessed within a house setting before being placed with your family. Our dog trainer will give you free advise for training in the first few weeks to help settle your dog.

We offer a happy ever after support group for any adopter - we can advise you on pet insurance, food requirements, training needs and recommend local vets.

Your pet has full support for its life from the charity within the group. Your dog has rescue back up for life. It can not be sold on rehomed and must come back to the charity if you don't want it.

Our dogs have full assessment programmes with children, other dogs and cats. All assessments are fully documented and logged.

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