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is house and toilet trained,he gets quite anxious when people get scared of him when walking past,so he will bark,he's quite Anxious around my 12yr old and grandchildren as they are scared of the size of him now,he hasn't bitten anyone,as we have to put his soft muzzle on when he gets anxious around the kids and people who are scared ,we do take him walks at night without the muzzle,and he doesn't wear it in the car,he loves belly rubs,and getting brushed,when he's in the mood,he loves morning kisses,as he shares a room with us and is quite playful and loves being chased around the garden,and loves his toys and teddy's, I had spoken to the vets about his temper issue,and they had told me to try and re-home him with someone that's is able to help or we have to put him to sleep,he's just a baby and we love him to bits, being put to sleep I thought was extreme,we don't want to part with him,but we are scared incase he does hurt the kids as he has went for them a few times now,I really hope he can be helped with the right person,we've had him since he was just over 10 wks x

To sponsor a kennel stay over night £15 can be donated to our code red fund life saver, each over night funds dogs for one night. Or is transfered to the rescue that takes them. 802260 14786868 Canine Campus Pet Rescue and food bank of Scotland or reference LIFESAVER 🙏❤️

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