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Sabre! Ready for a forever family

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

This good boy was yanked from the streets, thrown into a kill shelter then rescued and brought to the UK.

During his time in foster, Sabre learned how to play, socialise and what love & affection was. Something he has never had before

When he was adopted and taken home he was grieving for his foster family and couldn't settle. Something that is 100% normal and an expected behaviour. These dogs take time to settle.

Unfortunately it was too much for his adopter and Sabre found himself being handed back the day after his adoption. He is now in emergency boarding kennels. No place for a wee guy who is learning how to live in a home

He is a wee scruffy mongrel Vaccinated, chipped & neutered He's not quite ready to spend his days lying by a fire snoozing the day away - this boy still loves an adventure.

If you think you could offer this wee guy a happy ever after please call and discuss with Anna. Call 09135 600123 Tue-Fri 12-4pm (Call charges apply)


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