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Social Media - A blessing and a curse for Charities

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Usually we push through all the negativity surrounding rescue for the sake of the dogs but sometimes we need to care for the humans that are involved in rescue too.

As a charity we try to be as transparent as possible but we are mindful of privacy and data protection laws which prevents organisations such as ours discussing the full story.

There's no room in society as a whole (never mind rescues trying to do good work) for cyber-trolling. We will not tolerate vitriolic and abusive and often threatening messages posted on any of our social media platforms. As the Facebook page for the charity grows and our work gets more noticed, we as a team are spending more time managing cyber-trolling which detracts from the reason why we exist - to promote the advancement of animal welfare.

We can confirm that Canine Campus Pet Rescue is not under any formal investigation by any agency such as the SSPCA or OSCR.


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