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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Good morning guys update on our post from the sharpei who was was getting put to sleep. Due to comments on our page and also our 'apparent begging for funds' (to save his life), his owner has now decided she doesn't want us to give him a lifeline. Sorry there is nothing more we can as a team save him.

We fund raised £425 to get him rescue and rehab plus transport. We will now be donating these funds to:

  1. Doris Banham Dog Rescue who scrambled to get him place when his own rescue disappointingly wouldn't (breed specific rescue in Scotland) and nobody else tagged would help him either.

  2. We will also be donating half to Vic smart who runs another amazing rescue. Who took a female bull breed from us last week who needs double entropion surgery.

Can I take the time to thank you all and appreciate all you have done to try and help him.

Picture for illustrative purposes only

Canine Campus Team

#Caninecampusrescue #itsawabootthedugs

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