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These loves are available RIGHT NOW!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Our rehome line are open from Tuesday to Friday 12pm to 4pm.

We have all these floofs - big & small, young & old - looking for forever homes

Call and speak with Anna - she can answer any questions you have and take you through your application. Have a look in our album “FAQ” for information on adopting and our procedures.

Please do not continuously hit redial - this can jam the line. If it’s busy pease hang up and try again later.

"I can’t get though, I’m calling from a mobile" Call your network provider and they may be able to lift the ban on our numbers.

”I don’t want to keep trying and paying for a call that isn’t answered” Anna is glued to her phone 12-4pm. If she is available and not on another call, she will answer quickly. Please don’t let it ring out to message, this is where the cost kicks in.

“I can’t call, is there some other way to process my application?” We don’t use forms. The application is done via conversation on a recorded phone line.

09135 600123 Tue-Fri 12-4 pm

Call charges apply. More info can be found in the about us section.

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