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What his owner says about him

He is overall very chilled he likes to lie on the couch gather all his pillows and make himself at home. When he goes for walks he is best to be kept away from other dogs from staffy height and above as on the lead if he is approached by a dog he is reactive but on the other hand if hes of off the lead with his ball in his mouth he will not bother with any dog at all. He doesn’t like to be approached by strangers wanting to touch him which was the same as our yorkie but he will growl if people get too close to touch him, half the reason for this is because he has the sensitive skin which causes ear infection because of his scratching if he has a flair up. On your own assessment of him you will see that when he is on the lead he is very reactive/protective of me and my partner but off the lead in the park with a ball/stick/bottle in his mouth he is a totally different dog.

Hi I am wondering if you can help me, me and my partner have been trying to rehome our boxer for 2 months now as we are expecting out 3rd child in October and we couldn’t give him

the best life anymore when the baby is born. We are wondering if you could help us. The thought of him being out to sleep makes us both Ill.

No no it’s just because we told the pDSA about a skin condition as he has seasonal allopecia and they told us we would be best putting him to sleep and it isn’t even that bad x

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